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Meeting Minutes:
2023-2024 PTA Events & Fundraising Calendar

*Dates and times can change slightly. Any date or time changes will be updated as soon as possible and communicated thru Schoology, Remind and Facebook posts.  


     11th - PTA Meeting 7pm

     28th - Fitness Walk (rain date 29th) 



    2nd - PTA Meeting 7pm

    16th-17th - Reading Is FUNdamental

    19th - STEAM Night 6-8pm 

    27th - Book Character Parade 1:30-2:30pm 

    23rd - 27th  -  Coin Wars 



    6th - PTA Meeting 7pm 

    17th - 22nd - Scholastic Book Fair 

    20th - 22nd - Staff Luncheons 

    17th -21st - K-4 Parent Teacher Conference 

    29th - Giving Tree Drop Off #1 



    4th - PTA Meeting 7pm in the Cafeteria 

    4th - 8th - Holiday Shop

    8th - Giving Tree Drop Off #2 

    15th - Outdoor Winter Celebration 9-1:30pm 

    19th - First Grade Polar Express 9-1pm 

    20th - First Grade Polar Express (rain date) 9-1pm 

    20th - Fourth Grade Yule Log Celebration 9-12pm 



     8th - PTA Meeting 7pm 

     TBD - Barnes and Noble Night 6-8pm 



    5th - PTA Meeting 7pm  

    5th - 9th - Coin Wars

    25th - Bingo (Purse/Cash/Toy) 

    26th - 27th - Reading Is FUNdamental

    TBD - Chocolates on Broadway



   4th - PTA Meeting 7pm

   7th - Reading Night 6-8pm 

   7th - 14th - Scholastic Book 

   11th - 14th - K-4 Parent Teacher Conferences 

   11th - 14th Staff Luncheons  

   22nd - Variety Show 6-8pm 

   TBD - Syrup Sale



   8th - PTA Meeting 7pm Board Position Voting

   12th - Spring Celebration in the classroom



   6th - PTA Meeting 7pm 

   16th - Evening of the Arts 6-8pm

   21st - Field Day (rain date 22nd) 9am-2:30pm

   24th - Memorial Day Program 9am-10am

   31st - Fourth Grade Moving Up Ceremony 9-11am 



   6th -  ½ day Last day of school 

How we use Remind App

The PTA will send out reminders for PTA related events using Remind App.  You can subscribe to the appropriate grade level of your child(ren) using the grade level codes sent home in August.  These codes can also be found posted on our Facebook page or by emailing the PTA secretary at  We will send out texts on Remind alerting you to signups for events.  

How we use SignUp Genius

Be sure to sign up for the grade lists that correspond to your children's grade level.  We use those lists to send out signups for grade level and school wide volunteer opportunities.  Be sure to use an email address that you check often, because some signups are filled very quickly.

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