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September 28 9:00 am                                                                   

Fitness Walk 2023 Flyer

It’s the start of a new school year and we are excited to get up and moving for our annual KBES PTA Fitness Walk. The walk will be held on school grounds at the beginning of the school day. It is a fun way for students to get some exercise all while showing their school spirit wearing their PTA-provided grade level T-shirt. The students will be receiving their PRIDE t-shirt prior to the event!  They will be sent home with each student.  Every year the children, and parents alike, enjoy this event as it is a great opportunity to build the strength of our KBES community.  

The KBES PTA Fitness Walk has always been a traditional fundraiser that has supported invaluable PTA-sanctioned programs such as school assemblies, field trips, and RIF book distributions, Back to School Night, Family Education nights, and Teacher Appreciation - often totaling approximately $9000.  

That all being said, the PTA is committed to maintaining traditional fundraising efforts for ALL of our students. The Fitness Walk is a great oppurtunity for those who would like to donate to the event or solicit pledges from family members. 

Heading 6

TWO INCENTIVES: First, the HIGHEST level of participation for EACH grade level will receive an ICE CREAM during lunch sponsored by the PTA. Secondly, a donation of $50 or more will be entered into a random drawing for a prize. 

To ensure everyone has fun, stays safe, and can walk at their own pace, only flat pledges will be accepted (no pledges per lap).  Checks can be made payable to KBES PTA.   Pledge forms and money/checks should be turned in to your teacher the day of the walk. Donations can also be made via givebutter by using the following address  If you choose to donate this way, please record the donation on the collection sheet with “online” designation.  
           Students are asked to wear their “KBES Pride” t-shirt and sneakers.  There will be a DJ and students will be encouraged to walk at their own pace for 30 minutes.  The walk will be held behind the school starting at 12:30pm and parents and siblings are invited to come and cheer on their favorite walker.  The event will be a little different this year than in the past.  Each grade level will only walk for 30 minutes and then the next grade level will come out.  This allows us to follow the safety and health guidelines under the current conditions.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with complying with our requests.  Grade level times are listed at the bottom. 
          Whether you can pledge $5 or $5000, please know your support makes a difference! Thank you for helping the KBES PTA reach its fundraising goals so we can give our children nothing but the best!

Thank you for your continued support!   KBES PTA



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